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Welcome to Personal Protection Dogs

Personal Protection Dogs Ltd is a small, professional company specialising in supplying family protection dogs to clients across the UK and beyond.

We hand select every dog and undertake all of the training in-house to exacting standards, while ensuring that we provide the highest quality customer service. Our focus is on your requirements, the dog's needs and getting effective, real-world results.

If you have any questions or bespoke dog training requirements, then please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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sleeve training with personal security dog
Personal security dogs

Family Protection Dogs

A personal or family protection dog is one that has been hand-selected and trained to recognise threats to you or your family and is able to deal with those threats in a controlled way.

We believe that a personal protection dog is first and foremost a reliable member of the family, one that is happy and safe but always alert.

A huge misconception about protection dogs is the image of a savage animal trying to bite anybody in close proximity. In reality, this is just not the case and all of the dogs that we supply are calm and confident and day to day, appear like any normal family pet.

Dog training

Expert Dog Training

Our lead trainers, Ryan and Alan, have over 40 years of real-world experience between them and have provided dogs for many private families as well as the police, military and prison services.

Training dogs to be both family friends and effective protectors in the real world, takes a considerable amount of knowledge and skill as well as real understanding of the dogs and their needs. This is something that we take a great deal of pride in being able to deliver.

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High quality Dogs and Service

Quality not Quantity

The process of buying a protection dog may feel a little daunting, but we are here to help. We'll spend as much time with you as you need, you'll receive training and support before and after the purchase and we'll ensure that the whole process is smooth and enjoyable.

As well as working with our customers, we dedicate significant time to each individual dog to ensure that its working ability is of the highest quality and it remains happy and well-balanced.

Our dedicated approach to customers and dogs means that we are a specialist, bespoke provider. We don’t believe in keeping large numbers of dogs available at any one time, as this would mean compromising on the quality of their training.

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Protection Dogs for Sale

Our personal protection dogs are hand-selected and individually trained to high standards to ensure that they not only make for great familly pets, but can also offer real-world protection in a wide range of scenarios.

Below are photos of the dogs that we currently have for sale (plus some of those sold previously). Don't worry if you can't find one that suits, as we are happy to sit down with you to discuss your requirements and then source and train a dog to meet your precisce needs.

View all of our dogs for sale.

German Shepherd Family
German shepherd family dog
Cane Corso Protection Dog
German Shepherd Protection Dog
Belgian Malinois Protection do
Show type German Shepherd
German Family Protection dog
German Guard Dog George
Female protection dog
German Shepherd security dog
Guard dog

PPD News & Information

Behind the Scenes of New Guy Ritchie Film.

So as you may have heard the new Guy Ritchie movie is out in cinemas this weekend and we couldnt be happier to see our very own Hank star in the film. Hank was handled on set by Ryan who was brought in as an advisor and on set handler to work along side Jude Law and Guy Ritchie.

"We were asked to instruct the dogs to kick off and have them show as much aggression as possible - keeping everybody safe around Hank amidst the absolute pandemonium was no mean feat! This scene has so much action in it - it is nothing short of epic" 

Be sure you catch the film in cinemas over the next few weeks to see the dogs in action. 


HMP Long Lartin uses PPD

Click here to see a short video of George demonstrating his controlled aggression. Being able to switch a dog 'off' after being asked to show aggression is an area of training which is massively overlooked in my opinion - especially when you consider that many people buying a protection dog are novice handlers.

Although we had invested a LOT of time in to George, refining his behaviours and teaching him self control; we also came to learn that his love for protection work was unbalancing his otherwise perfect temperament for his initial, intended role as a family protection dog. 

We therefore felt it would be best to place him in the hands of a professional and George is now happy helping to keep order at a high security cat A prison. Every cloud has a silver lining. 

Get Her To The Greek.

What better way to see in the New Year than training with our long time friend John Sideris, the Greek counterpart of the European Deffence Dog Academy. This time we trained protection in a scrap yard to ensure a varied working environment. It's also a great opportunity to re affirm to the dogs that their protection skills may be relied upon in any place at any time. Not just on the field!!

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