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About Us

dog offering threat challenge

PPD is a company dedicated to providing specialist family protection and high-end obedience dogs for a wide range of customers who value both our discretion and professionalism.

Our trainers have years of experience and a proven track record in providing effective protection dogs that will not only look after you and your family in a wide range of scenarios but who will also be wonderful household pets.

We understand that it can be quite daunting to find a trainer that you can trust with providing a dog that will not only be totally safe around your family and friends, but is also capable of actually protecting you. Sadly we have seen the results where one or other (or sometimes, unbelievably both) of these things have not been provided by some dog trainers. This is why we are very open about everything that we do, so we simply say:

  • Come and visit and see us working with the dogs
  • Talk to us about how we train
  • See us at trials or competitions
  • Take your time to make your decision, we are here to answer any of your questions

Quality Guarantee

  • We'll carefully assess all of your requirements before providing a dog
  • Every dog we supply is hand selected and trained by us
  • Our dogs aren't just for show, they can provide protection in real world scenarios
  • We'll never house lots of dogs as we believe in quality over quantity
  • Dog welfare is prioritised at every point of the training
  • Your dog will be a well balanced pet as well as a trusted guardian
  • We'll provide support and advice throughout the life of your chosen dog

Working Together

Just as it is important to select the right dog and give it the right training, it is equally as important that we understand your specific needs and we'll always take the time to do that.

In addition to understanding your requirements, we'll also spend the time to assess the environment in which you'll be keeping the dog to make sure that it will be happy and effective for the way that you live.

Just as every dog receives extensive training, we will provide you with as much as you need to understand how to handle and care for what are quite unique animals.

One size definitely doesn't fit all, so how much training you'll receive will come down to how much you want and need, but please be assured, that you'll never be rushed away; some of our customers have had several days of initial training and many follow ups because that is what worked for them and their new dogs.

Our Training Team

All of our dogs are individually assessed and taught by our lead trainers, Ryan and Alan:

Ryan Harnett

Ryan Harnett training a UK protection dog

Ryan is a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers, is an accredited canine behavioural specialist and has a diploma in canine psychology.

He has successfully competed in numerous protection trials, has trained dogs for films and marketing as well as having provided family protection dogs for a wide range of customers.

Alan Wood

Alan Wood schutzhund UK national team

Alan is highly regarded by many in the industry as an expert dog trainer and is recognised across Europe and America for his skills.

As a proud member of team GB for Schutzhund, Alan has competed at world championship level for over a decade and has won countless international protection trials. He is also often called upon to judge in the UK as well as to assist other trainers.

In addition to his competition work, Alan has trained many personal protection dogs as well as supplying animals to various Police forces, the military and prison services as well as training sniffer dogs to work at the London 2012 Olympics.

Together Ryan and Alan have a combined dog training experience of over 40 years, and there is not a type of dog or temperament that they haven’t encountered. The level of knowledge accrued by the pair over the years and their attention to detail guarantees that they'll be able to create the perfect dog for your requirements.

Email 0800 007 558507982 645 022