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This page shows a collection of photos and videos of our family protection dogs being trained, at competitions and playing. If you'd like to see more of our dogs in action, then please contact us to arrange a personal appointment, we'd love to hear from you.


The pictures shown in our gallery are often taken on the spur of the moment using a variety of cameras. While the quality of the photos can vary because of this, we hope that you enjoy seeing our dogs captured in the moment rather than sat in the usual poses.

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Cane Corso Protection Dog

This dog fits in perfectly with my life, he comes absolutely everywhere with me, all day every day. He gets on great with the family and the lads at work love him to bits. He's settled in really well, guards the property making us all feel safe and plays with the other dogs. Easily the best dog of this breed that I've seen and the training just makes him untouchable. 



Mr Richardson - 09/07/2017

Family Protection Dogs

I spend a lot of time away from my family on business and having 5 young children and living in a remote location I needed peace of mind that my family are safe when I am not around. I have monitored cctv and security response but I still felt vulnerable. Especially at night. Ryan came to see me at home to fully understand my needs as a person and to see what environment and surroundings the dogs would potentially be living in. He then arranged to bring the dogs up to meet me, the family and all of the other animals (dogs, horses and cat). It was at this point we both decided which were the right dogs for us. 

Since we have had the dogs I sleep easy at night which I havent done in ten years. The dogs are exceptional. They are part of the family, they never leave the childrens side, even when they go to bed. To see a 3 year old girl command 2 German Shepherds is amazing and seeing the dogs reaction if you try to snatch her is chilling!  Their level of training is unbelievable and I can not wait to get my third dog later this year. 

Life with our protection dog >


Mr A. Roach - 10/03/2017

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