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This page shows a collection of photos and videos of our family protection dogs being trained, at competitions and playing. If you'd like to see more of our dogs in action, then please contact us to arrange a personal appointment, we'd love to hear from you.


The pictures shown in our gallery are often taken on the spur of the moment using a variety of cameras. While the quality of the photos can vary because of this, we hope that you enjoy seeing our dogs captured in the moment rather than sat in the usual poses.

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UK Protection Dog with client

I would just like to thank Ryan so much for my perfect prince Preston. This boy is the perfect dog in every way! He is an absolute gentleman with my friends when they come over to stay and he is by far the best body guard I could ever wish for. I am completely confident in his ability to protect me and I could not have been happier with the training that I received before I brought Preston home. I must admit, at first it did feel a little daunting to see Preston in action but the whole training experience was one of the best things I've ever done and I feel privileged to own such a dog. 

Thanks a Million Ryan.


Love Caz and Preston.  


Miss Caroline Houghton - 03/03/2014

Female Personal Protectio Dog

When we met for the first time you were understanding, honest and above all else, realistic. I want people to know that you could have made an easy sale with me right from the start but you showed your level of professionalism when you encouraged me to take my time so as to make sure that we were finding my perfect match. I knew after this that I was going to get my dog from you. Although I also knew I would have to wait.

As you know I am still jealous of the bond you have with my Rogue, but we are growing happily together and we hope to do you proud. I can not begin to thank you enough for your help. You are our friend for life. 


Cathy Jacobs - 03/06/2017

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